October 20, 2021

Weekly Dish Cookbook Swap on Minnesota Live TV


Have you ever been to a Cookbook swap? It’s super fun and you get new to you cookbooks to try. This year we’ll be swapping books at Malcolm Yards!

The backroom is a bigger space than we’ve had before so feel free to bring all your old cookbooks. You go through your collection/boxes and find the cookbooks that you’re not using or have cooked past in your journey, and bring them to the swap. We take all the books and spread them out on the tables by category. Bring a book, take a book, one that you might never have thought about buying or one that intrigues you in a new way. There are magic finds and destiny takes a hand! 

All the books that are left over will not wait awkwardly to be picked for kickball teams, they will be carried off for donation to the St. Paul College Culinary School’s cookbook collection, informing young culinary minds for generations to come!
This is a fundraiser too, the $15 ticket proceeds go to Second Harvest Heartland.
Malcolm Yards is donating the space plus some snacks and a bevy while you wait for the books to be sorted, but running around the market and checking out the vendors would be a nice show of support.
AND THERE’S A RAFFLE: We always get some great gifts and elite books that we raffle off, with all proceeds going to 2HH.
AND NEW THIS YEAR, A RECIPE SWAP: Bring a card or paper with your favorite recipe, and drop it into the bucket, then pull another one out before you leave.
PLUS: IT’S HALLOWEEN: Yes, you can dress up. Masks are optional (both scary and regular kinds) unless you are unvaccinated, then they are required.
From 12p-1p we’ll take your books and sort while you nosh and chat. At 1p, we’ll open the tables up for browsing, you can buy a raffle ticket for a :30second head start!
Get tickets here and join us!