August 25, 2021

New State Fair Foods and Foodie Finds for the “Great Minnesota Get Back Together” 2021

The State Fair is back for the great “Great Minnesota Get Back Together” with 25 official new foods and six new food vendors added to the already nearly 500 foods that will be available at 300 different spots.  Here are some of the new foods we got to try on today’s Jason Show.


Blue Barn always has fun new State Fait treats. This year they are bringing us the buffalo chicken doscuit a Fluffy biscuit-style doughnut stuffed with shredded chicken, glazed with a sweet & spicy buffalo icing, and topped with crispy bacon bits. Try it paired with their new Ginger Shandy beer brewed by the Freehouse.

At The Blue Barn, located at West End Market

Lulu’s Public House is daring you to stand up to the heat with their “Scorchin Ghost Pepper Bites” served with a horseradish-orange marmalade dipping sauce. Sociable Cider Werks will be on hand with their “Minnesota Maple Mead for Speed” session mead sweetened with MN maple syrup.  Soft, smooth & effervescent.  Fresh Upper-Midwestern honey from canola pollinators, brewed with a touch of cane sorghum then lightly sweetened with dandelion honey.  Spiked with a splash of Minnesota Maple.

At LuLu’s Public House, located at West End Market

Schell’s Beer stand near Lulu’s Public House will be back with their perennial bestseller the Grain Belt Blue Beer but perhaps this year you try a choco topper on your beer?

At Schell’s Beer stand located next to LuLu’s Public House, located at West End Market

Andy’s Garage will be tempting taste buds for the first six days of the Fair, August 26 – 31, with their Official New State Fair Food Item, ChoriPops. ChoriPops are vegan chorizo treats on a stick! Chorizo from the Herbivorous Butcher is dipped in a classic corn dog batter, deep-fried on-a-stick, and served with a choice of avocado salsa or mole sauce drizzled on top or on the side. A serving includes two ChoriPops and Mexican BBQ chips.

Through April 31st – At Midtown Global Market’s Andy’s Garage*, located in the Taste of the Midtown Global Market

Hot Indian, Minnesota’s home for Indian street food is getting its own booth this year in the Food Building. Hot Indian’s new home will be the place to try TWO Official New State Fair Foods: Kerala Fried Chicken Kati Roll (pronounced KAY-ruh-la and KAH-tee) chicken tenders in a crispy seasoned batter topped with mint, cilantro, and mango chutneys and tropical slaw all wrapped up in buttery, flakey Paratha bread and Paneer Pakora. The gluten-free Paneer Pakora is seasoned and battered Indian, semi-firm and pillowy, cheese curds served with tomato butte

At Hot Indian, located in the Food Building, east wall

Nordic Waffles – Is a perennial favorite at the fair and this year is no exception with two new waffle entries at the fair including A Southern-fried spicy chicken drummy and cheesy macaroni, finished with a drizzle of honey on a warm Nordic waffle; and a classic ice cream cookie sandwich, crunchy kettle corn and chocolate drizzle dusted with sprinkles all wrapped in a Nordic waffle.

At Nordic Waffles, located at West End Market,

The New Scenic 61 from Duluth is a new fair vendor. They will have their airstream on selling their famous sashimi tacos- Crisp wonton shells filled with ahi tuna, avocado, and sesame soy. Thai slaw with peanut dressing, pickled ginger, and wasabi served on the side.

South of Little Farm Hands on Underwood Street

Spinning Wylde is a Wildly fun family business in St Paul spinning over 30 dye-handspun cotton candy clouds made with organic cane sugar. Sprinkles and cookie/toppings are optional and glow cones and glow buckets of cotton candy are available at dusk. Try their Blackberry Basil, Purple Rain, Pineapple Habanero (hot), Sweet Corn, Strawberry Rhubarb, Dilly Pickle, Spicy Mandarin, Peach Mango, Honey Rose, Rosemary & Fig Plus: New for the Fair: Mini Donut and Lemon Meringue

South of Little Farm Hands on Underwood Street 

Adam Turman features a new State Fair design at his booth each year and this year his giant Slide artwork is new. The Swedish dish towels are a hot trend right now because they’re like a reusable form of a paper towel, so they’re environmentally friendly. They’re reusable and great for cleaning kitchen counters, etc. Adam has become more interested in Minnesota nature artwork lately, so anything with the loon, canoe, camping – those are a newer direction for him and nicely showcase his love for Minnesota

Upper-level Grandstand

Good Things is a 50-year-old family-owned business with 6 locations across the Twin Cities. They are debuting their cocktail mixing kits at the new North End Entrance, as well as MN-themed beverage mixing sticks. Find them again in the newish North end.

Here’s The Deal Spice Company has some of my favorite local seasonings including their 127 blend that is great on steaks or their bbq rib or chicken wing blends and their Bloody Mary Rimmer spice. This husband-and-wife couple is so lovely, and their spice blends are perfect on so many foods. Here is the @makersofmn podcast I recorded with them right when they launched their Company.

In the Grandstand Lower Level East

Summer Lakes Beverage is new to the fair with a host of mocktails and non-alcoholic juice drinks made with their gluten-free all-natural fresh citrus juice mixes. Try the WEDGE-HAMMER is an orange – ginger drink with a perfect balance of all-natural citrus and fresh ginger bite or the LAKE STORM LEMONADE is an all-natural lavender-infused lemonade with intense, fresh flavor or the sweet tea with BAMA a citrus-forward sweet tea that packs a flavor punch.

South of Little Farm Hands – At Summer Lakes Beverage*, located on the east side of Underwood Street