April 26, 2023

Spring Product Round Up at Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s does a great job of highlighting seasonal new products and keeping things “on trend” in the stores. This week on the Jason Show, I brought Jason a handful of items to taste test, including these inexpensive wines and showed off my favorite Trader Joe’s spring products!


Trader Joe’s Spring Products

This Espiral Vino Verde is the perfect porch wine. It’s dry and crisp with fruity notes and has only 9% alcohol, so it is good for long Sunny porch afternoons. You won’t believe the price tag at $4.49 a bottle. The Pinot Grigio Rose Vivace is only $4.99 a bottle. We had this at my book club, and all of us enjoyed it, from the wine snob to the occasional rose drinker. Given a rating online of 4 out of 5 stars for the price, it just can’t be beat.

Trader Joe’s lemon Elderflower soda is reportedly meant to be a riff on Megan and Harry’s royal wedding cake. At 70 calories a can, it’s a light, refreshing alternative to tonic.

The vegetal notes of the rhubarb shine here with the strawberry in the background. This is not a sweet soda drink; at 60 calories, a can complement any alcoholic gins or vodkas you may want to mix it with.

Musty, dusty, and a strong chemical aftertaste make these not my favorites. I usually love all things pickle, but I have to go with the majority of online reviews here and give these a 1.5 out of 5.

Savory, salty, and generally pretty enjoyable. You get onion, garlic, and the cheesy flavor from nutritional yeast, and I found a copycat popcorn recipe here that I am excited to try.


Hatch chilis in a salsa – yes, please. Eating things brings me back to a van trip in the Southwest. Yes Please. I love the limey flavor, and the spice level is medium, so you can really taste the flavors of the chilis.


Priced at $2.99, the new seasoning is made with granulated garlic, sugar, kosher salt, paprika, vinegar powder, cayenne pepper, dried red bell pepper, rice concentrate, and citric acid. The new seasoning adds some extra heat and spiciness to food like potato chips, noodles, meats, and egg dishes, but in this case – I will tell you. It’s No Everything Bagel Seasoning. Just because you can make something into a spice does not mean you should – see also their ketchup seasoning, everything but Elote, and Pizza Seasonings.

If you are passionate about the taste of Coffee coffee and dark chocolate, Joe Joe’s is for you. The chocolate and coffee coating really elevates the taste of the cookie. The sweetness of the chocolate perfectly contrasts the slight bitterness of the coffee.  The perfect cookie to pair with a cup of coffee!

Trader Joe’s has landed in the Everything Ube space. Ube is a purple yam originally from the Philippines. Different than orange yam it is even sweeter, and more mellow.  Ube has a slightly nutty, vanilla taste and is popularly used in desserts which is why it is so at home in the Joe Joes. These are very sweet and a bit coconutty for me but so far the Tik Tokers are in love.