January 16, 2021

Sourdough Bread Bakeries in the Twin Cities

I have officially joined the bandwagon of sourdough bread bakers. I resisted for 8 months during the Covid-19 pandemic, but it just keeps going, and my husband bought me a sourdough bread kit and some freeze-dried sourdough starter for Christmas, so I was off the races.

Do you know why I resisted for so long? Because there are so many wonderful bakers in the Twin Cities making bread. How were my efforts going to compete with my friend John Krause who owns Patisserie 46 in Minneapolis and Rose Café and the Bakery Lab in St. Paul? They weren’t. I concluded that it did not have to be an either/or – it could be a both/and. I could appreciate the artistry of my baker friends and also shape a loaf or two at home.

Whatever your journey… Don’t miss these great sourdough bread loaves in the Twin Cities or start your own sourdough journey with this recipe.

Best Twin Cities Bakeries For Sourdough BreadPatisserie 46 | Stephanie Hansen
Patisserie 46

John Krause is not a Coupe Du Monde winner for nothing. His loaves of bread are tasty, technically perfect, and they are filled with the joy that only pairs with the perfect unsalted high fat butter and a little salt.

Honey and Rye Sourdough Bread | Stephanie Hansen

Honey and Rye

Each day Honey and Rye Bakehouse in St. Louis Park is making beautiful sourdough loaves (look for the Park Sourdough Loaf when placing your order online). With advance notice, you can also order the sourdough starter the bakery uses for $5 and bread flour from King Arthur Bakery.

Bakers Field Flour and Bread

These flours are milled with Heritage Grains and then shaped into beautiful loaves that are for sale around the Twin Cities. Order online at Food Building in NE and pick up a loaf, Sourdough starter, or a sandwich paired with building tenants’ delicious Red Table Meats and Alemar Cheese.Baker's Field Flour | Stephanie Hansen

Rustica Bakery

Rustica Bakery has its home in Minneapolis, and right before the pandemic opened, a beautiful new outpost at Southdale that is open for curbside pick up and in-person dining. Grab a Miche boule Made with a blend of rye and whole wheat flours and a sourdough starter or their classic Sourdough boule called the Levian.