December 15, 2023

Gifts for the Cooks in your life on the Jason Show

  1. The famous orange apron made “famous” by my show on “Taste Buds with Stephanie” is made locally by Craft Made Aprons. This is a custom version made for the show. 
  2. Mixly Cocktail mixers are so fun. They make the perfect cocktail mixed with Vodka, Gin, or tequila, or you can add soda water for a delicious Mocktail. These are made in Minnesota and have a great fresh flavor. This $65 variety pack gives you each flavor.
  3. These “Crocktober” soup crocks are made in Minnesota by Debbie Wolk designs and are so great for serving your favorite “crocked” soup. Get some new ideas from my definitive list of soup recipes.
  4. Bee Wrap – I love this stuff – it’s a reusable plastic wrap that works great. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer.
  5. Dansk Kobesnstyle Casserole Dishes – These are some of my favorite dishes, and I always use them. They are durable and stylish, and the lid becomes a trivet when you bring them to the table.
  6. Massage Gun – When I hurt my back a few years ago, I picked one up, and it’s great for massaging my pickleball legs and sore neck muscles.
  7. True North Cabin Cookbook: You know it, you love it, order now, and Ill sign it and ship it for you.
  8. Emily’s Fresh Kitchen:  is written by local cookbook author Emily Maxson. Her recipes are fresh and beautiful
  9. Tamar Adlers “Everlasting Meal Cookbook” is the bible of leftovers and is really cleverly put together
  10. Smoke on the Waterfront:  from the Kids at the Duluth Smokhouse is a fun, informative Minnesota Up North book with great recipes from smoked lake fish dip to Sourdough bread
  11. “100 Morning Treats” by Cookie queen Sarah Kieffer, who recently told me this is her favorite book!  
  12. “Zoe Bakes Cakes” the definitive book on cakes by the immensely talented Zoe Francois