September 14, 2020

Cooking on the Road in the RV With The Jason Show

On the road in the Winnebago van (“Winnie”), headed towards Santa Fe New Mexico, people always ask, “What do you bring on a van trip? How do you pack?” And most importantly, “How do you handle RV cooking?”

Winnebago Van | RV Cooking Tips

RV Cooking Tips

CampfireThe true key to RV cooking in a small kitchen is to be organized. Make sure you equip your kitchen with all the essential pots, pans and utensils you will need. We keep it simple with one cutting board, one cast iron high sided skillet, one saucepan, one nonstick pan and a few bowls. We have wooden spoons, spatulas for grill grates and the nonstick plan, some Tupperware for leftovers, bowls, plates and mugs with lids. Keep in mind lots of times you are eating on your lap in the dark!

When you get ready to begin your meal prep, set everything on the counter. Prep everything in advance before you fire up your grill or stovetop. Organization also means thinking through your recipes for timing. Meats usually take longer than vegetables, so you might cook the meat first and set it aside to rest while you cook the vegetables. Or do similar tasks all at one time, like chopping all the veggies at once or sauteing ingredients one after another to build flavor in the pan.

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