October 29, 2020

Holiday Dessert Recipes

When it comes to holiday dessert recipes, every family has their own traditions and ideas about what constitutes a “holiday” dessert. From grandma’s favorite cookie recipe to a classic pie, there are so many ways to make treats apart of your celebrations. This list of some of my favorite dessert recipes includes some classics for the holidays, as well as some desserts you may not associated solely with November and December. But the best part about celebratory sweets is that they can be whatever you want them to be. As long as they’re delicious and fun.

Sugar Cookies | Holiday Desserts

Holiday Dessert Recipes

Oatmeal Cookies

This oatmeal cookie recipe is a wonderful addition to cookie season. It’s a simple, classic and delicious recipe that includes a little pumpkin pie spice to give it the flavor of fall and winter holidays. The recipe is based on the classic Quaker Oats recipe from the back of the box, with a few of my own little tweaks. Get the recipe.

Whipped Cream

Last year I put together some of my favorite tips and tricks for Thanksgiving. In that post, I include a recipe for homemade whipped cream. The best part about making this at home is that as long as you have some nice heavy cream, you don’t have to do much. In fact, if you are traveling for Thanksgiving all you have to do is combine cream, sugar, and vanilla in a mason jar and shake it up for perfect whipped cream.

Sugar Cookies

How many years have you been using a sugar cookie recipe that requires chilling the dough overnight? Well, not anymore. This simple sugar cookie recipe doesn’t need to go in the fridge, rolls out easily and holds up well  for the frosting all those fun holiday decorations. Get the recipe.

Maple Glazed Pecans | Holiday Desserts

Maple Glazed Pecans

This is a great holiday dessert because it doesn’t HAVE to be a holiday dessert. That is, you can snack on these at a party or before dinner as a little sweet treat and still have dessert later. The maple glaze is just sweet enough to feel like a treat, but these are mild enough to be a great addition to salads, too. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Bundt Cake

This bundt cake is a rich, chocolatey cake that looks as good as it tastes. It’s a simple enough recipe that you don’t need to confine it to your holiday dessert list, but it is a beautiful addition to your holiday table. Plus, you can dress the cake up with a glaze or holiday-inspired decorative finishes. Get the recipe.

Pound Cake

This pound cake is another simple and versatile classic cake recipe. It is great with a fruit topping or filling, or you can get creative with how you top it. There’s a lemon curd recipe included, in case you want to have a little taste of spring this season. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Brownie (Inspired by Surdyk’s)

One of my favorite brownies is the dense, chocolatey and not-too-sweet Surdyk’s version. I tried my hand at replicating their treat, and turned to Ina Garten for a little inspiration, too. The result is an amazing brownie that every holiday guest will love for dessert or in their gift basket. Get the recipe.