February 10, 2021

Nordic Waffles (Season 3 Episode 18)

The Nordic Waffles concept was brought to America by the waffle queen, Stine Aasland. She launched in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2016.  For the next two years, the freshly-made waffle concept expanded into coffee shops, convenience stores, and amusement parks.  When the call came from Minnesota State Fair in 2018, they served over 42,000 Nordic Waffles in just 12 days.

November of 2019, Nordic Waffles opened a retail location at Potluck Food Hall.    Just as they were preparing for their next phase of growth, the global pandemic shuttered their doors.   Nordic Waffles would soon regroup and enter grocers’ freezer doors with their most popular item: The All-Day Breakfast. Nordic Waffles now has two varieties sold in 160 grocery stores and rapidly expanding outside of Minnesota.

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