May 11, 2022

Minnesota Monthly Grill Fest (Season 4 Episode 18)

Taste your way through Minnesota Monthly’s 10th annual Grill Fest! Find all your favorite grilled foods and a range of Minnesota Makers while sampling wines and specialty beers. Test out the hottest grills, gather recipes, and learn how to barbecue like a pro with Minnesota made products like:

Face Punch Foods
2 Dads Bloody Mix
Bare Honey
Here’s the Deal Spice
Hooch Booch Kombucha
Kickled Mary
Mixly Cocktail Mix
Muddle and Mint
Summer Lakes Beverage

Get your tickets for the 5/21 event at CHS Field here

Minnesota Monthly Grill Fest Podcast Transcript

Stephanie Hansen 0:12
Hello, everybody, and welcome to the makers of Minnesota podcast where we talk to cool people doing cool things. And today we are talking to a magazine that’s doing a cool thing. We’re talking to Arthur Morrissey from Minnesota Monthly. And they have an event that I am really interested in called grill fest. And I like the idea of it because it’s out at Twin City Bank Stadium. It’s one of the first kind of open air events that we get to do. But there are so many Minnesota makers involved. Arthur, how long have you guys been doing grill fest?

Arthur Morrissey 0:44
This year will be our 10th Oh, wow. Yeah. So it’s a big one.

Stephanie Hansen 0:50
And in terms of like what people can expect when they buy a ticket, can you give me a little bit of a rundown?

Arthur Morrissey 0:56
Yeah, so you can buy a ticket for Saturday, May 21 or Sunday, May 22. When you can do that a grill festival.com It is an all inclusive ticket for that day, which is the really fun part because with that, you’re going to get the opportunity to sample the most mouthwatering foods made right from the grill. And we’re going to have 3040 grills there with a variety of groups from Trager from Memphis grill from Northern fire from a bunch of different restaurants throughout the Twin Cities all making things on there so you get to sample all that food and that’s included in the price so you’re not coming in you’re not buying additional food you also get to come in and sample all the beverages and oh boy do we have a few beverages you

Stephanie Hansen 1:44
sure do. I was lonely yeah website Wow. Oh

Arthur Morrissey 1:47
my gosh. Yeah, we have. We have a margarita mania battle. So we have five different restaurants making margaritas where you get to sample those we have a Bloody Mary battle where again five different restaurants are going to be or not restaurants more mixes are going to be making Bloody Marys for you to sample those. We have enough craft beer and seltzers and wine summer wines to I mean, probably fill CHS field, you know two or three times over. So all that’s included with the price of just $65. And of course it’s going to be beautiful. 80 degrees downtown St. Paul, you have my guarantee on that.

Stephanie Hansen 2:28
Yes, I’m hoping I’m hoping so you guys are at TCF or excuse me CHS field I think I said Twin City Bank Stadium.

Arthur Morrissey 2:36
You know we have too many stadiums here in the Twin Cities to keep track of so yeah, CGS Field in downtown St. Paul. Okay,

Stephanie Hansen 2:45
awesome. Now I went on your website. And I was looking because I’m particularly interested in the Minnesota makers. You have quite a few people that we’ve interviewed before. You have like the great scrape, which makes obviously the awesome girl scraper. There’s also the salsa collaborative. There is here’s the deal spices bear Honey, you’ve also got some new brands that I had not heard of before. The two dads Bloody Mary mix. Do you know much about that

Arthur Morrissey 3:14
for two dads? I do know a bit they are in the whole concept behind that is really cool. And it’s sort of looking at Bloody Marys to a new perspective. It was created by truly two dads. And I mean, I don’t know I don’t necessarily think of Bad’s and bloody marys I guess together. But I think it’s a really cool idea that it’s you know, these two guys that came together, they want to just focus on doing three different types. So they have a Bloody Mary kind of the standard Bloody Mary they have a Bloody Caesar and then they have a jalapeno Margarita. And what they really want to do is just sort of differentiate their brand their stories, their product from everybody else out there. So it’s a really cool little story. You know, two guys from Minnesota. They just you know, decided hey, let’s let’s do this. Let’s give it a shot.

Stephanie Hansen 4:22
I love it. And there’s other brands too that are new, like face punch foods. They do spices and spice rubs that are real fun and then bowl Vinos out of St. Paul. Yeah, I had not heard of either.

Arthur Morrissey 4:37
Oh, you haven’t so bull Vinos you know, think fogo and I’m sure Bovino won’t like me using that. But that’s you know the year that we have. It’s actually right next to CHS field and it’s in the space just north of the farmers market. So it’s a restaurant they’ve been plowing through during COVID. It’s owned by a family that is running it that is operating it, they do a great job. Again, they’re local, and they have great food. They were out at our food and wine event at Target Field back in March. They loved it so much. They just loved the opportunity to engage with people and to share their story of what they’re doing with a focus on the meat.

Stephanie Hansen 5:30
Yeah. And it’s like, I don’t Argentinian. There’s a special name for it. But where they common they give you all the meats that they serve. tableside

Arthur Morrissey 5:39
Yeah, so yeah, you You tell them when you’re ready for more meat, and they come over and they slice it right in front of you. So you get that kind of real great experience of, you know, being able to talk with the individuals that have been making the food to write cutting it and sharing it with you.

Stephanie Hansen 5:59
So we’re totally going to get the meat sweats at CHS field at grill. Oh,

Arthur Morrissey 6:04
yeah, definitely, definitely. And I’m glad you mentioned face punch, because actually this morning about I got to keep track of time, about 40 minutes ago, I put some ribs on my smoker, using the face punch rub, I’m using their spicy meat rub for the first time. So I’m given that a shot but that that’s another great story of local guy who’s been doing sauces doing barbecue sauce is doing, you know, rubs for the last 20 years. 20 years. Yeah, I mean, a local person and has been, you know, battling through all of that for 20 years, and now is sort of really building up some more steam. And I think we forget about that sometimes when we think about these small, you know, business owners and, and I really mean really small. I mean, this is typically, you know, a woman, man, you know, working out in their basement working out of their garage working on their kitchen. And they are battling. I mean, they’re doing all the things that the you know, the major companies that we think of are doing, and they’re trying to find ways, you know, to grow that business to grow their popularity. Some want to get into the big retail stores, some don’t want to deal with the logistics, the politics of that, right. But you know, that they’re dealing with all the challenges that big companies are dealing with, except they don’t have the resources. And I think that that’s what makes what we do with whether it’s grill fest or Minnesota Monthly and the stories we tell on there any of our events when we get to work with these small business groups, artisans, makers, it’s special. It really is special.

Stephanie Hansen 7:55
Some of the other folks that will be there bear Honey, have you had their they have a hot honey that I just am crazy about?

Arthur Morrissey 8:03
That goes so well like on a charcuterie board? Yep. Oh, yeah. I mean, it’s one of those things that you know, you can put a little bit of that on almost anything on the charcuterie board out on a beautiful Friday, Saturday night on your patio. Yes, bear honey is absolutely one of my favorites. And sort of along those lines. I don’t know if have you heard of MCs Lee?

Stephanie Hansen 8:27
Yes, I have actually, we podcasted with them making ready to make drink mixes and also you’ve got muddled mint out there.

Arthur Morrissey 8:37
Yeah, yeah, the you know, sort of make your cocktail easier at home concept is definitely gaining its popularity. And the cool thing about you know, whether it’s muddled mint, or mixed Lee or any of the local groups is, you know, they have a much better connection to the source of their products, and then others, and I’m not taking anything away from anybody, but it is nice for them and for us to hear their stories when, you know, they are again, you know, they’re batching their, their cocktail mixes, and they’re doing that use fresh ingredients, and many of them are, you know, like to use honey back to the bear honey thing as the sweetener instead of some sort of artificial sugar or something of that nature. You know, kind of again, just you know, keeping it much more, you know, farm based, you know, locally based, which, you know, we in Minnesota and in the Midwest have a very strong connection to

Stephanie Hansen 9:43
Yeah, and there’s a new product that you guys have there that I’ve not even had yet called hooch food, chard, kombucha.

Arthur Morrissey 9:51
Yeah, hoots boots and so they are making ready to drink, beverages and our youth familiar with our TDs the big one now? Yep. Yep. So our TDs seem to be kind of a next wave of, you know, we’ve had the sensors and sensors are still going strong. But now it seems the RTDS is the way to go. Which Bucha is really cool. We just had a secret, best of tasting for grill fest and huge Bhuj had a bunch of their products for our judges to taste and evaluate. They are doing accom Bucha Hooge Bucha and I think that was so cool. I mean, you know, you have the RTDS out there where you you have the ready to make are ready to drink gin and tonic, you know, the margarita that the vodka sour or whatever it may be. They went in kind of a totally different tangent and are doing a kombucha, ready to drink. There’s no alcohol in it. And but it’s again, it’s locally made by a group here, just outside of the Twin Cities. Really cool. And I love their name. I love to be able to say we got hooch. Bucha

Stephanie Hansen 11:04
Yeah, it is a pretty good name. And speaking of good names, pickled marry two, which is the pickle Bloody Mary Max, I assume they’ll compete in your bloody contest.

Arthur Morrissey 11:13
They are they’ve done it for a number of years. It’s fun to see the growth of those with how they’ve been able to come to our events for a number of years, you know, started out, you know, really just kind of, we’re gonna have our space, we’re going to engage with everybody that comes through, we’re going to tell our story, and to watch their event activation, their presence and grow fest grow year after year, because they themselves are growing business wise. Right. Right. And you know, able to get in more places to you know, to share their story. More and more. Have you heard of North malo?

Stephanie Hansen 12:00
Yeah. So they’re a really sweet family company. And they’ve got the smarkets. So what are you guys doing with them?

Arthur Morrissey 12:09
So I love their story. And you know it well. Mike and his wife Christine North malo, they were camp counselors. If my memory serves from when I’ve talked with Mike before, I believe they actually met, they did. Yeah, at camp. And, you know, I mean, how can you go in or, you know, and not roast marshmallows. So, they, you know, we all do the marshmallow thing. And they said, We got to do this better. It says, We can do this better. We get it. And they are now doing weddings, where they almost set up, you know, like little marshmallows, more kids and tastings there. But North malo marshmallows, I mean, everything. It can come as gluten free, there’s no preservatives, I think they have a vanilla been like a caramel one and the traditional chocolate ship. So they’re taking it up a notch. But just such a fun company. I mean, you look at where their branding is now and how they’ve, you know, evolved that they’re still making everything themselves and growing it there. And I just love the story. I mean, scores. I mean,

Stephanie Hansen 13:29
yeah, absolutely. Super sweet. Arthur, it’s May 21st. And people can get tickets online. I’m really excited for you guys to have your 10th year I didn’t realize it had been so long. But congratulations for making it. You know, just after the pandemic, and magazines. Advertising has been tough with I’m in radio, as you know. And it’s just been tough as people are getting back to business. So congratulations.

Arthur Morrissey 13:56
Well, thank you. We’re very excited. We appreciate our loyal audience who have just been fantastic through everything. And I hope that you know, you and your husband or you and a group of friends. Yeah, come on either Saturday or Sunday. You gotta let me know. Okay. All

Stephanie Hansen 14:10
right. Absolutely. I will put a link for tickets in the show link and we’ll make sure that this gets posted this week so that people have a chance to get tickets and can join you. Thanks for supporting all the Minnesota makers. I love it.

Arthur Morrissey 14:23
Oh, they’re fantastic. And yes, definitely buy local shop local, get out there and thank them for everything that they have dealt with, and just appreciate they add character and culture to our communities.

Stephanie Hansen 14:36
Absolutely. Thanks so much, Arthur. We’ll talk soon. All right. Okay, bye.

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