March 24, 2021

Harmony Cricket Farm (Season 3 Episode 24)

I talked with Harmony Cricket Farm founder Tammy Mann about her quest to bring the goodness of cricket nutrition to the Twin Cities.

What’s the deal with all the excitement around crickets and cricket farming? It’s pretty simple. Crickets are a very complete protein. They mature quickly, can be farmed without a lot of natural resources, and can be ground into powders and flours, making them easy to add to baked goods and smoothies, thereby upping the protein content in whatever you are making. Athletes and people looking for ways to up their protein intake without upping their meat consumption can look to crickets as an effortless way to do this. Crickets have more protein than beef, and they are full of healthy fiber and Omega 3’s. When crickets are ground into flours and powders, you don’t have the unpleasant antennae stuck in the throat problem, and it makes people less squeamish about eating them when they are “hidden” in your food.

Shop for all of Tammy’s Harmony Cricket products online, including  Tammy’s Cricket Flour for baking or Cricket Protein Powder for smoothies.