November 17, 2021

Fermentation Station (Season 3 Episode 59)

Fermented foods and beverages are older than recorded history and integral to culinary traditions in almost every part of the world.  Chef Jim Taugher is the owner of Fermentation Station and started with “quick pickles”.  

At the most basic level, quick pickles are hot vinegar and sugar poured over an item.  In an effort to expand the pickle department, he began to study “old school” fermented pickles.  Being passionate and a bit obsessive, he devoured books on the subject, followed famous fermenters, and found any videos he could on the subject.  He then combined his new skills with his years of studying flavors and BOOM gourmet, creative, unique pickled items were on hand.  Customers and friends alike all said, “You should sell these”.  A lot of hard work, research, and personal expense later, and Fermentation Station was born.

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