November 2, 2016

Bolton Bees Honey

bolton-beesChiara and Travis Bolton fell in love with bees first then each other. This husband and wife entrepreneur team learned the bee keeping trade from Chiara’s experience on a farm in China. Once bitten by the love of bees, they started mating queens and genetically selecting them for the best characteristics for Minnesota to create more thriving bee colonies. From bees to their bee by-products of Bolton Honeys to the Finalists in the Minnesota Cup their bee story is fascinating. Meet the MakersofMN behind Bolton Bees.

You have heard people talk about Terroir when it comes to grapes for wine or coffee beans for coffee but how about for honey? @boltonbees offers location-specific honey made from starter bee colonies that they have bred for the specific bee characteristics that will adapt them to the landscape of our Minnesota Climates. Travis and Chiara Bolton are making fabulous honey varieties that are unique to the landscape that the bees call home with native flowers, plants, and grasses. This year they debuted Solar Honey at the Minnesota State Fair made with bee pollen that co-existed in the native environment with solar panels from Connexus Energy maximizing the use of the vast amount of land needed for Solar Panels.