June 22, 2021

Stone Arch Bridge Festival Discoveries 2021

📸 Lando_612

Wow. What a weekend it was welcoming the Twin Cities back to the Stone Arch Bridge Festival. This year the festival moved from the East side of the river along Main Street to the West Side of the River along West River Parkway. I have programmed a Culinary Arts Market at the festival since 2018, and this year we had 25 vendors under the Stone Arch Bridge Festival.

Here are a few makers and artists that impressed me over the weekend.

Spinning Wylde Cotton Candy:
Spinning Wylde is a Cotton Candymaker. They were in the Keg and Case building but are currently setting up shop across the street at 915 7th Street West. They have a mobile set up that they brought to Stone Arch Bridge Festival that spins miles of smiles with their Dill Pickle, Basil, Blueberry, Bubblegum, Butter Beer, Butterscotch, Salted Carmel, Carmel Apple, Chai Latte, Cherry Lemonade, Chocolate Mint flavors amongst others. Visit their vending machine at their building while you are waiting for their storefront to open. Or order online for curbside pickup their clamshells full of candy.

📸 Wacso
I loved meeting Wacso whose illustrations of the Twin Cities I have been following for tears since he illustrated the Green Line checklist of Restaurants for the Heavy Table. This year he developed the Stone Arch Bridge Festival poster and tote bag. Orders for the poster are still being taken at his website – $25 for the poster shipped to your home. If you have $300, his illustrated books of the various landmarks in the Twin Cities are worthy of the swankiest coffee table.

📸 Nicole Houff:

I first saw Nicole’s photography at Julia Moss Studios. Nicole is a Minneapolis photographer who takes her 40 barbies and sets them in scenes influenced by the 50;s and 60;’s and photographs them. She places barbie in sassy, cheeky backgrounds that are meant to inspire conversation about female empowerment. They are brilliant.


📸 Julie Meyer Leather Goods
Julie Meyer is one of my favorite local leather workers, and I podcasted with her a few years back. I love her style, whether it’s a phone case, fanny back, or fully custom sewn backpack. At the festival this year, I really liked her multi-color shoulder bags that would be perfect for Pride or anywhere you need to carry money, phone, and Chapstick.

📸 Matzah Chutney
Matzah Chutney is a bright, bold, and balanced Afghan-style chutney with cilantro and ginger, garlic, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and jalapeno pepper. This sauce is bright, fresh garlicky, and at hone on meats, rice dishes, or a condiment for fries or sandwiches. I can’t seem to get enough, and based on the raves they have received recently from the New York Times and Food and Wine, their customers can’t either.

📸 Earth.Clay:

Grace Vanderbush makes necklaces out of Clay. What mainly stuck out to me was her National Park Series Necklaces. They are very detailed and affordable at $60 each and can help you conjure up memories of past trips that you have loved. Her booth at the Stone Arch Festival was very well-traveled, and I saw many Happy faces recalling trips.

📸 Baily Builds
Anna and Nathanael Baily are from Baily Builds in Duluth, and they make wood mosaic art. They find pieces of wood with a story buried within and cut and assemble them into mosaics rich with pattern and textures. They were voted a festival favorite this year.