September 25, 2023

My Top 3 Walleye Sandwich Picks

Did you hear what this random website said are the top 50 sandwiches in the United Sates? What did they say is Minnesota’s best sandwich? The Walleye sandwich. Huh? It could be right. I order a walleye sandwich almost once a month. A walleye sandwich is my go-to when I don’t want a heavy burger. My top 3 places for a walleye sandwich that did not include the 400 Tavern, which was the list’s pick (see picture above. ) I know the 400 has a great Bloody Mary, but now I have to try their walleye sandwich:

  • Elis East in Minneapolis:
    • This sandwich has a giant Hoagie roll cooked in tempura batter and topped with a sour slaw. This is a great sandwich. The tempura batter is the perfect crunch with the big roll, and it’s served in a tin foil wrap.
  • Sea Salt Eatery:
    • It’s seasonal, so you likely only have a few more weeks to get it, but the fry on their walleye sandwich is perfect.
  • Busters on 28th Walleye Rachel:
    • This is a sandwich filled with Walleye and accompanied by a creamy coleslaw filled with apples and topped with Swiss cheese and bacon. It’s a winner.