December 13, 2022

Holiday Guide 2022

We can all debate when the holiday season begins. Whether you’re a day-after-Thanksgiving person or you wait until December (or maybe you follow the retail lead and start earlier and earlier every year!), there’s no doubt we’re in the thick of the holiday season. I’ve created a ton of gift ideas and recipes over the years, and I wanted to put everything together into a holiday guide so you can find everything in one place. As a bonus, I included some holiday getaway ideas based on my travel over the years. Hopefully you can find a little something in here to enjoy and share with others the last few weeks of December!

Holiday Recipes

You know me, I’ll be cooking nonstop the next couple weeks. I’ve made a lot of recipes over the years that work for a holiday party or relaxed night with family, and these are some of my favorites for the holiday season.

  • I love brunch. Any time of year, but especially during the holidays. There is something so relaxing and cozy about a big brunch spread that just makes you feel homey and warm. Try my favorite brunch recipes for your holiday gathering this year. 
  • Are you hosting a gathering? There are plenty to go around between now and New Year’s Eve, and a good cocktail or mocktail (or two) is a must. I have a list of the absolute best cocktail recipes for hosting.
  • On some of the more low-key days, nothing beats a soup for lunch or a light dinner. My list of hearty soup recipes is one I turn to all winter long. 
  • What is Christmas without a few favorite desserts? This list of holiday dessert recipes includes classics like sugar cookies, and a delicious chocolate bundt cake that is sure to impress.
  • I have to share my leftover turkey wild rice soup recipe from Thanksgiving for all you turkey lovers out there! If you are having turkey for Christmas, you will want this one on hand to use up your whole bird after the feast.

Holiday Gifts

I’ve put together a few different gift guides the last couple years, with a strong focus on kitchen gifts and cookbooks, of course! These gift guides should cover the foodies in your life, and include smaller ideas for homemade gifts, too. You can also find all kinds of ideas in my Amazon shop.

  • My gifts under $50 guide from two years ago still includes some of my favorites, like the starter spices set from Golden Fig.
  • This is a list that could just keep growing and growing: my cookbook gift guide. I made this in 2020, and there is plenty to add, but it’s a great place to find cookbooks for all the home chefs and bakers in your life.
  • Once you have the books, you need the gadgets. I have a list of my favorite cookware, and it definitely includes the Instant Pot.
  • If you are attending a party or are looking for a little something to share with the hostess of a family gathering, this list of my favorite gifts for the hostess has you covered with a few ideas they’ll use around the house.
  • Lastly, what is a gift guide without a few ideas for simple, cheap homemade treats? They may not cost anything other than time, but it feels special handing out little goodies I made with my own hands.

Holiday Getaways

I’ve been lucky enough to take some wonderful winter trips the last couple years. If you have the time, a few days somewhere warm can be so invigorating during our long cold winters. These would also make wonderful gift trips for the most important people in your life.

  • Last year my husband and I went to Mexico. It was a relaxing trip that included delicious food, days at the beach and a little exploring. I put together an entire guide to our experience.
  • Palm Springs is a favorite getaway of ours. We went in 2021, so we were limited by the pandemic, but we enjoyed all kinds of food and did a ton of hiking and outdoor activities. Here’s just about everything you need to know about Palm Springs.
  • Are you planning your travel for 2023? Why not join me in Spain?! This will be an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip, exploring the best of Spain and eating some wonderful food.
  • Lastly, for those who love a nice staycation: My favorite Twin Cities restaurants with fireplaces. These are perfect for date nights and cozy dinners at some of the best restaurants in town.