January 21, 2022

Friday Favorites

At the end of the week, I start preparing for the weekend. This typically means prepping for the radio show Weekly Dish recipe planning for what I am going to make in the week ahead and planning my newsletter. Here are a few Friday favorites on my mind.

I Pho Saigon Pho:

I pho Saigon isn’t a fancy spot but their P2 steak Pho is my jam on any below zero St Paul day. Their Milk Tea, Bobbas, and Vietnamese coffees are also not to be missed.

Sharab Shrubs:

Alex Zweber makes fantastic Shrubs. I first ran into him at Surdyks working in the liquor store and then at various Minneapolis Craft Markets. His shrubs are wonderful used in salad dressings (Sub the citrus or vinegar acid for the shrub) or as a complement to your favorite soda water in a mocktail or paired with sparkling wine or Cava for “Shrubbles” or try the Strawberry in this simple elegant Daquiri recipe.

Studio on Fire:

I love this letterpress studio in St Paul that shares space with Dogwood Coffee. They make cool playing cards, greeting cards, invitations, and this awesome packaging for the Surly Darkness Beer Release. I have long been a fan of printed things (I owned a printing company for 12 years) and the foil on this box is stunning. It truly elevates the Surly Darkness Beer experience and makes each can feel like the special event it is.