March 22, 2022

A Spring Break Guide To The Twin Cities and Beyond

Spring break is one of those special times of year in Minnesota. The warm weather might not be here quite yet, but it is on the horizon. Some years, we get a few glimpses of sunny days and other years we just want to escape somewhere warm. In either case, there are plenty of fun ways to enjoy a little time off, both near and far. I put together a little guide to to spring break in the Twin Cities and beyond, so you can make the most out of a vacation, staycation or anything in between.

Spring Break Travel

Who doesn’t want to get away for spring break? A trip somewhere warm is always the dream, but you can stay close to home and have a great vacation, too. Here are some of my favorite places, near or far, to take a spring break trip.

  1. Duluth is a must-visit for every Minnesotan. Spring may not seem like the ideal time, but you can enjoy a Minnesota gem before the crowds get big during summer and fall. Plus, there are some very cool hikes in the Northland when the weather is just a wee bit warmer, but everything is still a little frozen. If you go, check out my guide to the best Duluth eats and drinks.
  2. In 2021 I took a van trip to the Florida Keys. I saw a bunch of fun sites and came up with some thoughts about driving from Minnesota to Florida.
  3. Palm Springs is a great place for a spring visit. It was another destination for one of our spring van trips, so this guide to Palm Springs includes stops along the way, including beautiful Utah.

Spring Break Picks

  1. Want to feel like you are sipping a fancy cocktail on the beach in the comfort of your own home? Look back at my conversation with the founders of Mixly, who make some of my favorite cocktail or cocktail drink mixers.
  2. Another local maker worth visiting for spring break is T-Rex Cookies. I chatted with the founder awhile back, and if you need a fun place to get a snack with the kids, T-Rex is it.
  3. If you want to keep the snacks healthier, try the wonderful granola options from Coco Bee and Nut. The packages are great for travel and snacking on while on a plane or in the car, and are just as good for a healthy snack when the kids are running around at home.
  4. Why not spend your spring break trying new recipes? If you are at home, grab one or two of my favorite cookbooks, bookmark a few recipes you want to try, and spend your week testing out new recipes that may just become staples in your family rotation.

Favorite Spring Recipes