April 7, 2022

StephaniesDish’s Iconic Minnesota Dishes

What’s an Iconic Dish? I had the pleasure of talking with writers, Sharyn Jackson and Joy Summers on the makers of Minnesota Podcast about the Star Tribunes recent Iconic Dishes article. It was really fun identifying the 40 dishes in restaurants and the 10 icons “To Go” that are Minnesota makers. Watch for a Minnesota State Fair and Destinations icon piece upcoming from them as they roll out their “icon” brand packages.



After Joy Summer’s recent appearance on the Jason Show and our interview, it got me thinking of what Iconic Dishes were left off the list? Here are my top 5

New Louisianna Cafe’s Tex Mex Breakfast

I know it’s not high brow but I would drive through a blizzard on a Sunday morning to get this Tex Mex breakfast. The Louisianna Cafe (and you can get it at the Uptown Diner’s too) Tex Mex is hash browns, onions, and spicy andouille sausage griddled and served with two scrambled eggs,  cheddar cheese, and sour cream, wrapped in a fresh four tortilla, and topped with salsa.  Plan a nap afterward but go.

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Smack Shack Lobster Roll (Bloomington, Downtown Minneapolis, and Roseville)

You wouldn’t expect the best damn lobster roll in the whole country to be served in Minnesota but it is. Thick buttery griddled toast stuffed with chunks of lobster meat, aoli, lemon juice, Tarragon, and salt and you have the world’s best lobster roll.  True Twin Cities Insiders know you can get the lobster roll at the 1029 bar for a few bucks cheaper with a side of bingo or pull tabs.

Elote from El Burrito Mercado (St Paul)

Since 1979 the Silva family has been the first harbinger of St Paul Spring when they fire up the patio grills at their market and restaurant and start Elote Season. Charred cobs of corn slathered in mayo and queso fresco and hit with a smattering of chile salt is a tasty salty slightly spicy treat worth driving for and served seasonally through Autumn.

Hells Kitchen (Minneapolis)

Wild Rice, cream, nuts, and berries are the stuff I dream of at Hells Kitchen.  Adapted from 1800’s trapper journals, Mahnomen (mah-NO-men) porridge is so unique that in the early early days, nobody wanted to even try it, so Hell’s Kitchen literally give it away in order to get folks to give it a go. Now its a best seller and also can be shipped on Goldbelly

Bridgemans Black Licorice Ice Cream (Woodbury)

Bridgeman’s Ice Cream has been serving premium ice cream for over 70 years and the Black licorice ice cream is a seasonal fan favorite. Off the menu for a few years in 2018 due to a candy shortage their guests were so upset they sourced a new supplier and are going strong once again. Find it at their Ice cream parlor in Woodbury, at various groceries and retailers around town, or ship it to a loved one on Goldbelly so they can have a taste of a Minnesota icon.

And an Icon to go….

BT McElrath Salty Dog Chocolate Bar

Butter toffee pieces and sea salt blended with 70% cacao dark chocolate make this artisan chocolate bar a Twin Cities staple. Available in a bar or bites next time you see it at the grocery store check out the impulse candy section, toss one on the conveyor belt and eat it in the car on the way home.