March 2, 2021

Twin Cities Bloody Mary Mixes and Fixin’s by Minnesota Makers

In 2018, I was a judge of the best Bloody Mary mix at the Bloody Mary Fest that happened at Union Depot.  It was super fun to be able to taste all the local Bloody Mary’s from different restaurants and bars while tasting the nuances in the mixes.

Mixes that were recognized that year were:

 Spooky Craft Cocktails

 Fast Mary’s

Sportsman’s Redneck Juice

Lovejoy’s Bloody Mary Mix

There are many delicious Bloody Mary mixes and Fixin’s in the Twin Cities, and since we are showcasing some national folks at the Bloody Mary Fest “Virtual.” edition, I didn’t want to leave out our local Makers of Minnesota.

Fast Mary (Winner in 2018 Bloody Mary Fest)

The idea behind Fast Mary’s Bloody Mary Enhancer came from the owner, Wendi, a chemist, who developed the product while working as a bartender in Wisconsin. With ten people deep on a given Saturday morning at the bar, she wanted a mix of seasonings that could simply be added to a tomato base (tomato juice, V8, Clamato, etc.) to make the perfect Bloody Mary, a little at a time. Fast Mary’sBloody Mary Enhancer is a dill-inspired, craft blend of seasonings enjoyed in a Bloody Mary. Fast Mary’s contains no MSG, gluten-free, and naturally-vegan.  

Lovejoy’s Bloody Mary Mix (Winner in 2018 Bloody Mary Fest)

 Lovejoy’s products are handmade by the twenty-year veteran bartender, Charles Lovejoy, who worked at the Happy Gnome for years and is now tending the Sunday brunch bar at St Paul’s Holman’s Table. Lovejoy’s Bloody Mary Mix is painstakingly crafted into a full-flavored balanced beverage with locally grown tomatoes and peppers. Look for Lovejoy’s special edition Thai Basil Bloody mix on their website. Charle’s is a beautiful guy. For each combination, you buy his company donates money to support nonprofit organizations on the frontlines of caring for at-risk youth and unhoused people. Don’t miss Lovejoy’s Burn Yo Face-Off Hot Sauce. It’s sweet, fruity, spicy, and is the perfect Mix for folks like a spicier Bloody Mary.

Watch Charles Mix Up a Bloody Mary here with ingredients from his mom’s garden. 

Drakes Organic Bloody Mary Mix

This mix is made by Drakes Organic Spirits, the largest capacity organic alcohol company in the United States and the first to achieve all five certifications: USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Kosher. Their Organic Bloody Mary mix is sold as a companion for their Vodka. This mix is bright, fruity, and not too think and makes for an excellent all-around combination that will please almost all Bloody Mary fans.

Here’s The Deal Spice Company Essential Bloody Mary Seasoning

Here’s the Deal Spice Company was started by a local couple who gave a homemade spice blend, their 127 Mix, as their wedding favor, and people loved it so much they started a company. Nicole and Tom Dokman have made an essential Bloody Mary Rim Seasoning Mix that will provide the perfect accompaniment to your favorite Mix.

Craft and Vine Picklery Hot Habanero Pickles:

These cold-packed Habanero pickles have Habanero peppers that add the spicy kick to this classic dill pickle. Packed with a mixture of both spears and chips and having notes of citrus, garlic, and spice, these are the perfect pickle Made in Minnesota for the Bloody Mary. You can find these pickles at Lunds Byerlys and Kowalski’s Markets, and HyVee- they are worth seeking out.