March 21, 2021

Paddle North Paddle Boards

Before we left for our Spring Van Trip, I had interviewed Peter Mogck for my Podcast Makers Of Minnesota. I was very intrigued with his company Paddle North and their Kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. I really liked the KARVE KAYAK XL that’s a Paddle Board and a kayak, and you can also treat it like a canoe. It weighs less than 50 lbs and blows up in about 10 minutes. It comes in a roller bag, and we could attach it to the back of our van. After recording the podcast, we were so excited we bought one. Our first outing was on the Florida Keys Mangroves, and it did not disappoint. It is easy to blow up. The seats attached easily, and it’s very steady for stand-up paddleboarding as well as kayaking and canoeing. We set ours up with canoe paddles and paddled most of the afternoon. It’s lightweight yet sturdy when blown up and feels like a full-size boat. We cant wait to use it for Spring paddling on the lakes in the Twin Cities.