February 17, 2021

Dueling Grandmas Shortbread

Dueling Grandmas Shortbread Cookies | Stephanie Hansen | Stephanie's DishDueling Grandmas Shortbread Cookies

Dueling Grandmas Shortbread Cookies are Traditional Minnesota-made shortbread made with four simple ingredients: butter, flour, salt, and sugar. It was a dessert well known to owner Ken Velky’s Grandma Isabella MacKenzie. For years, Velky baked GrandmaBoxes of Dueling Grandmas Shortbread Cookies | Stephanie Hansen | Stephanie's Dish MacKenzie’s shortbread recipe as gifts for friends and family. After getting married, he was introduced through his mother-in-law to another delectable shortbread recipe: Millionaires Shortbread, drizzled with homemade caramel and soft, rich chocolate. This recipe came from Grandma Patricia McIntyre. The flavors currently include the Millionaire and the original shortbread plus chocolate chunk, pecan, lemon and raspberry, and white chocolate.

I fell in love with these cookies immediately upon the first bite. They are a great texture, not too sweet, and the Millionaire shortbread cookie is simply divine. These cookies are a great gift item and keep beautifully in the freezer, which is where I have to store mine so I don’t eat more than one at a time.

$30 variety box


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