July 15, 2020

Van Life and Summer Salads on the Jason Show

I had the opportunity to re-join the Jason Show on Fox 9 as they get back into the studio post Coronavirus! It was really great to be back. I did two segments:

  1. Summer Salad ideas and a quick 5-step recipe to create tons of variety in your Summer Salads.
  2. I shared the demise of the @WonderbreadVan and the new purchase of “Winnie” as we made our way from Reno through Aspen Colorado, Canyon Lands and Arches Utah and finally into South Dakota (yes – I made it to Wall Drug) and home.

My next segment will be on July 27 and feature some of my favorite Minnesota Makers so check back and stay tuned.

Stephanie Hansen joined Jason to talk about some of her favorite summer salad recipes. She also recapped her recent road trip out West.

Posted by The Jason Show on Tuesday, July 14, 2020