June 28, 2019

My 5 Favorite Ice Cream Shops

I am crazy about ice cream. The funny thing is I am very seasonal in that I only eat it in the Summer. I don’t know why a food I love so much only makes its way into my mouth for about 120 days a year, but it does.

These are some of my favorite Ice Cream Stops in the Twin Cities.


Izzy’s Ice Cream:

I have been an Izzys St Paul customer since they opened in 2000. The first time I had their salty caramel, I was hooked. Their Peace coffee ice cream is divine, and when you add it as the smaller scooped Izzy on top of your salted caramel scoop, the world is a perfect place. In 2014 Izzy expanded their scoop shop to Downtown Minneapolis and its been heaven for both cities ever since.

Sweet Science Ice Cream:

I am crazy about Sweet Science Ice cream in the Keg and Case food hall in St Paul on West 7th Street. The Sweet Scientist, Ashleigh Olds, is making old fashioned flavors pop as well as the imaginative ones. For Ashleigh, every batch is love whether it is her berry crumble or rhubarb, cinnamon almond crisp. She once released 9 variations on vanilla ice cream simply because she could, and she wanted her customers to taste the nuances of that classically flavored treat. Look for the seasonal sweet corn blueberry ice cream to feel like you are at the Minnesota State Fair every day.

Minnesota Nice Cream:

You had me at sparkles and soft serve. This sweet spot offers the most Instagrammable cone on the internet. Their North East Minneapolis soft serve shop proved so popular they replicated it in Stillwater.  Try their Affogato, a soft-serve vanilla swirl atop a steaming cup of espresso that ends up being a delicious Coffee, ice cream float.

Wonders ice Cream:

There is something entertaining about watching someone with two paint spreaders using them to scrape cream onto a cold plate. Then, watching them mix in oreo crumbles, fruity pebbles, or coconut and scraping the mixed ice cream into perfect ice cream curls. The ice cream curls are positioned, so they stand up in your cup and form the base of your ice cream treat, Add various sauces, more toppings, candy and whip cream and you have an enjoyable treat as well as an experience to Instagram and also remember. Oh, the ice cream isn’t bad, either!

Gordy’s Hi-Hat Drive-In and Warming House Coffee Shop Cloquet Minnesota

There is nothing better than a fresh ice cream shake on a road trip. Gordy’s hi-hat in Cloquet Minnesota has been serving up award-winning hand pattied burgers since 1960. Guy Fietti from Diners Drive-ins and Dives has featured them, but for me, the mi shakes are also not to be missed. Maybe its the drive to the North woods that gets me craving blueberries but the berry shakes at Gordy’s (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry) are fantastic and worth a stop if you are heading to Duluth, Ely or anywhere up on the Iron Range.