November 23, 2020

Ask Stephanie – Turkey Day Questions on Fox 9

What Do I Do With All the Leftovers from Thanksgiving:

You have cooked the 18 lb bird, and you have enough leftovers for Turkey sandwiches, but what do you do with the dark meat and all the other dribs and drabs of the bird? You would make my Chicken Pot Pie with Turkey or you could make Chicken Wild Rice soup with Turkey. But if you are at my house, we make Turkey Tetrazzini.

Turkey Tetrazzini is what my mom made. My mom made hers with butter sauteed with garlic and added the turkey bits until warm. From there, she would add frozen peas and a package of Creamette ribbon noodles and smooth it all down in the skillet and cook it undisturbed on medium for about 8 minutes. Eventually, some of the noodles started to crisp up and get golden brown at the bottom of the pan. She would serve it with parmesan cheese and – not the fancy kind. She would use the caked Parmesean cheese in the green plastic shaker. I loved it, but in my way, I wanted to amp it up a bit, so this is my Foodie fix for mom’s Turkey Tetrazzini.

I’d like to send my older son a pumpkin pie and my younger son an apple pie. How do I ship these pies without a mess arriving at their homes?

Goldbelly is a great resource when shipping food products Nationwide. They work with lots of mom and pop shops around the country and provide the logistics to get their products into your family’s hands without fuss or mess. I have shipped ice cream from Gold Belly to my Dad and it arrived frozen and delicious.

How many days ahead can I make pumpkin pie?

You can make pumpkin pie ahead of time. Three days is ok. If time-saving tricks are what you’re after, I can suggest a few including my moms Pumpkin Pie recipe here

Line, blind-bake, and freeze crust until you’re ready to make a pie with my Best Pie Crust ever recipe 
Make the filling up to 6 days before you’re going to bake a pie.
Bake pie the night before you are going to eat it and leave it at room temperature to cool down.
If you make your pie a few days in advance the filling/custard will dry out and pull away from the side of the crust. it will taste dense every day it waits to be eaten.
I like to eat my pie at room temperature so I bake it the night before Thanksgiving.

How far in advance can I make my sausage and bread dressing and how long would I cook it for?

You can assemble dressing the night before and bake it in the morning by pouring broth and any egg mixture the recipe may call for over the top and baking at 350 for 30 minutes. You can make it and freeze it as well this way then thaw it out the night before – add the stock and any egg mixture and bake.