May 4, 2020

Grilling Season Curbside Pick Up

Steak and Peppers As we look towards the summer months, being outside will be a way to socially distance and entertain with friends outside. Luckily, some of the best butchers in the Twin Cities are offering curbside meat kits. Here are some ideas for having a championship-worthy grilling season.

Curbside Meat Kits

PS Steak Grill Kit

Those amazing PS Steak steaks can now be had for grilling at home. You can order curbside pick up of their 8os Denver or 10 oz Flat Iron Wagyu and Black Angus crossbred steaks that are above Prime for grilling. 

Order here for curbside pick up.

Lowry Hill Meats

This is a fantastic meat market in Minneapolis. They have cuts of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, burgers and brats for grilling as well as tons of pantry items to round out your order. These meats will be of superior quality pastured on family farms and butchered by the market. Add hickory smoked wood chips or charcoal and some of their house-made pickles, kimchee, or other pantry items to your order for an efficient curbside pick up trip.

Order here for curbside pick up

Red Cow

Red Cow is selling their burgers in a grill kit for grilling and finishing at home. Each kit comes with seasoning, meat, Wuollet Bakery buns, and the cheese and sauces to replicate their famous burgers at home. Grill kits are available for the Mushroom and Swiss, Barcelona, Blues, and Ultimate burgers.

Order here for curbside pick up

St Paul Meat Company

In addition to being a fantastic meat market with locally raised pastured beef and pork, St. Paul Meat has delicious sides. Try their burger and brat pack, which includes 4 burgers, 4 brats, buns, cheese, house-smoked bacon, and their delightful zucchini pickles. They also have a meat bundle and a fish bundle. The fish bundle is direct from a coop out of Sitka, Alaska that line catches and processes their own fish. Salmon, halibut, and gulf shrimp are all excellent on the grill.

Order Here for curbside pick up:

Sam’s Club

I know you didn’t expect me to say Sam’s Club, but their butchers do a great job. They have a tomahawk chop that is a fantastic cut to grill. It is about 2-3 inches thick with the bone in and needs to be temped with a thermometer while cooking to get a perfect medium rare, but this is a fantastic cut that feds 3-4 for $25. I always throw one of these in my cart if I see it at Sam’s Club. 

Ok, Now that you have the meats let me give you a bonus marinade recipe for pork and a chimichurri recipe for serving alongside your beef cuts. Both of these recipes are easy to make and will really amp up your butcher cuts.

Chimichurri Recipe


  • 1 c each chopped cilantro, and parsley (you can sub in basil, mint)
  • 3 cloves garlic 
  • Zest of a 1 whole lemon
  • Juice of a lemon (about 3 Tbsp)
  • 2 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • 1 c olive oil
  • 1 tsp Salt 
  • 1 tsp Pepper 


  1. Blend or Chop ingredients together and mix to combine. 
  2. Store in a mason jar with a thin layer of olive oil on the top to prevent oxidation.

Molasses and Coffee Pork Chop Marinade

(enough for 4 chops)


  • 1 c lukewarm strong coffee
  • ½ c molasses
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tsp salt
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • 1/2 tsp ground ginger


  1. Combine coffee, molasses, garlic, salt, pepper, ginger in a 1-gallon zip lock bag. Marinate chops for at least 2 hours or overnight.