August 14, 2019

Super Stretch Yoga (Season 2 Ep. 13)

Adventures Of Super Stretch Mindful Movement & Wellness…​ is an app created by my @makersofmn guest Jess Rosenberg.
This podcast was really thoughtful and has me itching to get back to yoga

Jess Rosenberg is a yogi, teacher, co-founder of Gorilla Yogis and the founder of Super Stretch Yoga, an edutainment brand designed to connect kids to the practice of yoga.

Super Stretch for kids is a world-renowned app designed to encourage “Breathe, stretch and play as a  part of every day” Kids have fun & get fit learning yoga moves from animated characters right out of a cartoonstorybook, app, and flashcards.

Hear how Jess is launching her socially conscious business while meeting her business needs.

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