January 6, 2021

Simpls (Season 3 Episode 13)

Ryan Rosenthal and Mike von Fange, left their jobs to pursue a convenience store model that stocked, healthy, nutritious, convenient foods including prepared soups and salads.
Simpls Minneapolis was born to be the 7-Eleven for the healthy, organic, and local sustainable foodie.  Eventually, they expanded to three locations, including one in the downtown Minneapolis Target and one at the University of Minnesota.

Then came COVID, and like every other food business, they had to,  re-evaluate how and what they were going to do. because their business was asked to close by the Governor of Minnesota and the workers and students were all staying home.  After some scrambling, a soup subscription business was born.

Hear their story of Simpls survival on this episode of @Makersofmn.

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