November 20, 2020

North Coast Nosh with Heavy Table and Food Building NE (Season 3 Episode 7)

James Norton has brought back the Heavy Table. Twice a week subscribers to Patreon (subscribe here) to get the heavy Table newsletters to get caught up on all the makers and food purveyors in the Twin Cities. As part of the Heavy Table relaunch, James is reviving Noth Coast Nosh with the help of Jill Colella at the Food Building in North East Minneapolis.

The North Coast Nosh is the Upper Midwest’s premier artisan sip-and-sample event. It features purveyors including cheesemakers, chocolatiers, bakers, brewers, and more sharing samples of their food and beverages and telling the story behind its making. This year, The Heavy Table and Food Building are teaming up to produce a new at-home edition of The North Coast Nosh sip-and-sample hosted by me, Stephanies Dish.

The virtual festival invites guests to pick up sampler boxes from noon to -6pm on Friday, December 4, at the Food Building. Ticket-holding guests will swing by, pick up boxes filled with more than 15 different items of food and drink created by local makers, and then head home to join a Zoom event from 6-7:30 p.m.

Get tickets for this year’s Nosh here and join us for this fun event that highlights leading Minnesota food artisans