September 17, 2018

Where to Go On a First Date in the Twin Cities

Wondering where to go in a First Date? Well, it can depend on the kind. For instance, you probably would pick a spot for a blind date differently than you would choose a place to meet a friend of a friend or someone you may already know who has moved into the category of dating potential.

With that in mind, I am giving you 4 dating scenarios and the perfect spot to meet for each type of first date as well as my tv segment on the Jason Show where I shared some great spots:


Dating App Date or Blind Date:

The Dating app date is the modern form of a blind date. This is someone you have never met in person. This date has a 50-50 chance of going wrong, so you want it to be quick and painless.  On this type of date, you want a public spot where the date can be cut short if need be, so a coffee shop is a perfect spot. In either case, you can always watch the doorway and pretend not to be yourself if asked.

Penny’s Coffee3509 West 44th Street, Minneapolis

Order a romantic Lavender Latte or a Matcha if you are feeling trendier.

Bachelor Farmer Café1404 200 N 1st, Minneapolis

Next to the Bachelor Farmer restaurant in the North Loop. If the date goes well, you can stroll the Stone Arch Bridge.


A friend of a Friend Date:

On a friend of a friend date you may or may not have actually met in person, but the creepy factor is a little less than a blind date as they have already been vetted by your friend. This type of date can be a more casual spot and a little alcohol might help the nerves.

Norseman Distillery – 451 Taft Street in North East Minneapolis:

Hip, local craft cocktail spot with an industrial vibe, a modern fireplace seating area and an outdoor patio. Warm up with a Bees Knees with gin and honey but pace yourself – it is the first date after all. If the date goes well, you can order their delicious charcuterie platter with homemade jerky from Theilen Meats.


Butcher and Boar Beer Garden1121 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis.

Start out here with a craft beer and if the date is going well upgrade to dinner with their beer, brat and a shot for $12. The environment is lively, friendly and communal.


Trapeze Bubbles Bar


Trapeze Bubbles and Toasts1600 West Lake Street.

A sparkling wine and champagne bar with over 85 selections on the list. This is a bright, airy, colorful spot that is intimate but feels approachable too. If the date is going well pop into the more romantic Café Barbette next door for some mussels and frittes.


Group Date:

This is another date likely set up by friends. Group Dates are best at a spot with lots of so the friends can have something to do while you are getting to know one another.


Top Golf6420 N Camden Ave, Brooklyn Park:

Just opened with fun point-scoring golf game for all skill levels with food, drinks, and music. There is an actual driving range here, and each bay is perfect for multiple players. Perfect for a group and for the sporty types.


Ran Ham Bowl at The Nook490 ½ Hamline Ave S, St Paul:

Voted best Juicy Lucy by the digital editors at Bon Appetit Magazine, this is an excellent place for cans of beer, burgers, and bowling in a low-pressure environment.


Surly Beer Hall520 Malcolm Ave SE, Minneapolis

What’s not to love about Surly Beer Hall? Loud, easy and non-threatening with their picnic bench style seating. Outdoors their patio would allow you to break away if things are going well and upstairs you could order a pizza for 2.


High Potential Date:

This is a date with someone you already know or are interested in or have been chatting with for some time. The potential is high for mutual interest and romance is in the air, so you want a romantic spot.


Constantine:Hotel Ivy 201 S 11th Street, Minneapolis

This is a sexy, sophisticated craft cocktail bar in the basement of the Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis. It is gothic and dark with tons of candles and atmosphere and romantic seating arrangements and cozy dark corners.



WA Frost374 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN.

In the Summer this patio screams romance with the flowers and cobblestone pavers in the Winter their upstairs bar is quiet and overlooks the bustling Selby street corner, but they also have a basement bar that is full of little intimate coves for very private conversation.