August 27, 2018

My favorite Stunt Beverages at the Minnesota State Fair 2018

The Minnesota State Fair is following in the footsteps of whats new and trendy in the Craft beer and specialty beverage market. In 2006 there were 26 varieties of beer at the State Fair and only 5 were brewed in Minnesota. In 2017 there are 396 varieties and 193 were brewed in Minnesota. All these suds are profitable with the fair realizing a 76% increase in gross beer sales generating 11.8 million last year.

A few trends:

  • Sour Beers,
  • Fruit infused beer and Malt Liquors
  • Lime or citrus in everything.

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Mini Donut Beer

Sweet, Malty and Yeasty with a tan color. The sugared cinnamon rim brings this all together.This beer is the original stunt beer conceived by brothers Dan and Dave at the Ball Park café.
5.0% ABV.

Brewed in Stillwater, Minn., by Lift Bridge Brewing Company.
At Ball Park Cafe, located on the east side of Underwood Street between Dan Patch and Carnes avenues, outside The Garden


S’Mores Beer
This chocolate-infused campfire original is a rich thick Porter with a natural hint of chocolate, a touch of smoke and added rye malt. Each glass of S’Mores Beer is rimmed with chocolate, dipped in crushed graham crackers, and topped off with a fluffy marshmallow.

6.5% ABV. Brewed in Excelsior, Minn., by Excelsior Brewing Company.
At Giggles’ Campfire Grill, located on the southeast corner of Lee Avenue and Cooper Street, at The North Woods



Mobster Mule Bubble Trouble
This twist on a classic cocktail uses sparkling Edelweiss wine, ginger beer and sweet lime to create a perfectly refreshing drink. This is one of my favorite new drink additions though I wish they could make it faster! Add an extra lime.

10% ABV. Wine made in Cannon Falls, Minn., by Cannon River Winery.
At The Hideaway Speakeasy, located in the Veranda, Grandstand upper level, northwest section

Raspberry Champow
Bent Brewstillery in Roseville teamed up with 2017 Minnesota State Fair Homebrew Gold-Medal Winner Mike Spores to create this white ale with red raspberries and champagne-varietal grapes. The super fruity ale is crisp, tart and refreshing.

5.0% ABV. 25 IBUs. Brewed in Roseville, Minn., by Bent Brewstillery.
At Ball Park Cafe, located on the east side of Underwood Street between Dan Patch and Carnes avenues, outside The Garden



Orange Cream Ale
Deep gold in color with orange zest and citrus. This is bright and creamy.

a soft malty aroma, this ale is infused with flavors of bright citrus orange 5.0% ABV. Brewed in Two Harbors, Minn., by Castle Danger Brewery.
At O’Gara’s at the Fair, located on the southwest corner of Dan Patch Avenue and Cosgrove Street

It Takes 2 to Tango and 3 to Mango
This beer is a traditionally brewed, and aged for one year in 80-year-old cypress wood tanks and then aged an additional three months on mangos. It has bright, fruity flavor of ripe mangos on top of a refreshingly tart and dry lemony acidity.

5.5% ABV. 5 IBUs. Brewed in New Ulm, Minn., at Starkeller Brewing.
At the Schell’s Pavilion, located at West End Market, south of Schilling Amphitheater

Original Beergarita
Award-winning Tejas Margarita Mix is frozen and blended with Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss, a wheat beer with a touch of Wisconsin honey. and also comes in strawberry and mojito flavors,

4.9% ABV. Honey Weiss brewed in Chippewa Falls, Wis., by Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co., proud sponsor of the Leinie Lodge Bandshell.
At Tejas Express, located in The Garden, north wall


Strawberry Mint Fro-Lé
This summer sipper features frozen strawberry lemonade aerated and frozen with Malt Liquor as its base with a hint of fresh mint.

5.0% ABV. Made by The Blue Barn.
At The Blue Barn, located at West End Market, south of the History & Heritage Center