May 18, 2019

Loon Liquors

Loon Liquor Company was started by Simeon Rossi and Mark Schiller, two friends from Northfield Highschool that wanted to crafts small-batch delicious spirits from local and organic grains. Their first product, Loonshine, is an organic, unaged, 80-proof whiskey made from Northfield grown wheat and malted barley from Wisconsin using closed fermentation and filtered through in-house crafted birch charcoal and rested with Oak staves. This fermentation process gives Loonshine a sweet finish without the sharp alcohol taste while retaining the honey, nuttiness and malty characteristics that you would get from a whiskey. Loonshine was the proud winner of the silver medal in the light whiskey category at the Washington Cup Spirits Competition in 2014. Visit their Cocktail Room and Distillery in Northfield.